Vertical Turret


Inverter Speed Head step Speeds Head 5HP

  • 5HP High - Torque Inverter Head (7.5HP Optional)
  • 105mm Quill diameter for heavy cutting & drilling work Head tilits 45° left & right , delivers and angular machining capacity
  • 305 x 1448 mm table standard
  • X, Y, Z-axes is driven servo motor
  • Y, Z-axes Square Way
  • X-axis Dovetail slide way
  • X, Y, Z-axes Coated with Turcite-B
  • X, Y, Z-axes Hardened & Ground
  • X, Y, Z-axes Brake for motor
  • Percision Ball Screw for X, Y, Z-axes
  • Handy Pulse (MPG)

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